Sucre Sky

November is officially the start of the rainy season in Sucre (and much of Bolivia); the general pattern is clear skies in the morning followed by cloud build-up in the late afternoon and rain in the night, accompanied by frequent thunderstorms. Talk to anyone here though and they will tell you that things have been more erratic in the last few years due to changing weather patterns.

So far, we’ve mainly had good days and stormy nights, which has led to some mesmerising skies over Sucre. The last two nights have been amazing, first came a simply stunning bruised sky overlaid with a double rainbow, the second was a sunset that shone a beam of light into the darkening sky. So to continue the sky theme a little longer here are a few pics…

Rainbow, Sucre, Bolivia
Rainbow, Sucre, Bolivia
Rainbow, Sucre, Bolivia

I took these with my new Nikon compact camera, still working out how to use it so it’s a little grainy. Regardless, it still looks like someone is trying to contact Batman!.

Sunset over Sucre, Bolivia
Sunset over Sucre, Bolivia

2 thoughts on “Sucre Sky

    1. Hi Superkikke, thanks for stopping by. It was a beautiful multi-coloured dome and I didn’t have to go far, the photo was taken from my garden. Just been checking out your site, some beautiful photos as well. All the best, Paul

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