Leaving Bolivia…a plan comes together

So, after ten months living in this fascinating country, we’ve decided to hit the road and head north. The plan, such as it is, has an outline and very little content – but not really knowing where you want to explore is part of the fun.

Leave only footprints...the joy of travel
Leave only footprints…the joy of travel

What we do know is, when we leave our home in Sucre, we’ll travel overland to Lima, Peru, from where we’ll take a flight to Colombia and then work our way north with the goal of Nicaragua as our final destination. I’m desperate to visit the Corn Islands and Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, so it is Nicaragua or bust for me.

Map of South and Central America
Map of South and Central America

We have three months, more or less, before we need to return to Bolivia (our residency visas run out on June 1st). We will hopefully be able to spend a little more time exploring Bolivia before returning to London, an uncertain future and an even more uncertain job market (a big thank you to George Osborne for arranging that).

Sucre is a small town that has found a big place in our hearts, it will be a wrench to leave it and all our new friends behind. The pull of a new adventure is very strong though, and our time in Bolivia has only whetted our appetite to see more of this amazing continent. All that remains to be done is to sell all the belongings we furnished our new home with, pack our bags and have a huge farewell party (possibly two, maybe three) to say “thank you” to all our friends.

Sucre from the roof of Convento de San Felipe Neri, Bolivia
Sucre from the roof of Convento de San Felipe Neri, Bolivia

With a sad heart but rising excitement of the road ahead it is hasta luego to Sucre and buen viaje y buen suerte to us.

7 thoughts on “Leaving Bolivia…a plan comes together

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  2. Hey… can you tell me if you come through Santa Cruz before leaving for Nica? And could you take a letter along for my good friend who lives there? Not that she doesn’t have internet but a handwritten letter is nicer…

    1. I’m really sorry would have been happy to but we’ve already left Sucre (to La Paz on the bus), en route to Arequipa. I know from experience the mail could take several weeks to ‘never’ to get there.

  3. Good luck to you on your journey! And hats off for your sense of adventure! Thanks for sharing your journey so far. It’s fun to see a continent I’ve never been to from afar!

    1. Thanks Jessica. It has been fun, I’ll keep writing while on the road – although it might be a bot more difficult when we reach those Caribbean beaches!

      1. Haha. I’ll bet! Well, I’ll look forward to whatever posts we get from you! 🙂

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