Berlin, Europe’s Street Art capital?

Berlin and street art are a pairing like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, cheese and wine, day and night. It seems unlikely that you can have one without the other and, even if you did, would it be an experience worth having?

Surely, this must be the world’s greatest street art city? I know of no other that can compete with Berlin on the sheer size, scale and ambition of its street art scene – both organic and the increasingly corporatised forms. As with all things Berlin, there is a backstory to its street art credentials, and it leads directly to the era of the Iron Curtain and a city divided by a large lump of concrete.

Cristian Blanxer, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
A Beautiful Mind, Street Art, Berlin
Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Fin DAC, Berlin, Germany
Attack of the 50 Foot Socialite, Berlin Street Art, Germany
El Bocho, Street Art, Berlin, Germany

Bits of graffitied Berlin Wall still sell to eager tourists regardless of the provenance – spare bits of concrete are not difficult to find – and street art filled a void in the bleak grey streets of a town that struggled for an identity in the post-war decades. Today, Berlin is a massive outdoor gallery, one that I never tired of exploring. During the dreary days of the pandemic, Berlin’s ever changing street art was cathartic.

During the lockdowns of the first and second waves of the pandemic, the street art scene was a gift that kept on giving. Denied the chance to visit galleries, museums, restaurants, or to travel beyond the city limits, searching for new art pieces was welcome distraction, as well as good exercise. The result is that I have an obscene number of photos from almost every corner of the city.

Jadore Tong, Street art, Berlin, Germany
James Bullough and Telmo Miel, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Israel / Palestine by Shepard Fairey, Berlin Street Art, Germany
Francisco Bosoletti and Young Jarus, Berlin Street Art, Germany
Elle, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Natalia Rak, Street Art, Berlin, Germany

Street art in Berlin comes in all shapes and sizes, every type of material, and spanning the full spectrum from satirical to whimsical, political to out and out bizarre. At one end of the scale there are big, often commissioned pieces of art, at the other end a tsunami of spray painted tags scrawled unintelligibly (to me at least) on almost any and every stationary object in the city. In between, well, there is everything else.

This blog is a mini-homage to the rich diversity of art and artists found in Berlin’s streets, but I had to make some hard choices and decided to stick with the massive, side of entire building, pieces that I find most appealing – some of which have become city landmarks in their own right. In a city frequently blighted by ugly, going on criminal, buildings, anything that brightens up the cityscape should be encouraged.

Herakut, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Herakut, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Colin van der Sluijs and Mr. Super A, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Fintan Magee, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Street Art, Berlin, Germany

Of course, Berlin is building on an artform that is as old as humanity itself. Whether the 36,000 year-old prehistoric paintings in the Cave of Altamira, the 10,000 year-old stencils of the Las Cueva de Las Manos, or the new El Bocho that appeared on a residential street close to Frankfurter Tor a couple of weeks before we left Berlin, which was illuminated by late evening sun when I visited, we have left our mark.

It’s a matter of record that, as a species, we have graffitied our way through history – and Berlin’s art is no different. Like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where it is pointed out that burying a cheap watch in the sand for 10,000 years will make it priceless, perhaps the giant murals of Berlin will have the same cultural value to future civilisations as the Rainbow Serpent Gallery at Ubirr in Australia.

Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Underwater Kiss by insane 51, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Mona Lisa by Die Dixons, Berlin Street Art, Germany
Believe in Dog by Fannakapan, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Ricky Lee Gordon, Street Art, Berlin, Germany

We left Berlin and arrived in Brussels in August, and in the few weeks we’ve been living in our new home, it has become apparent that this is also a city filled with street art. Many of these seem to be based on a something Belgians appear to love: comic strips. The Adventures of Tintin, The Smurfs, and The Adventures of Asterix can be found scattered across the city.

This is a different type of street art, but I’ve also come across other impressive pieces, large and small, that are more familiar. While I can’t quite believe Brussels can compare to Berlin in the street art stakes, I’m prepared to be proved wrong. Either way, there’s lots of exploring to do to get to the truth.

Hownosm, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
See no evil, Speak no evil and Hear no evil, street art, Berlin, Germany
Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Rocket01, Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Street Art, Berlin, Germany
Snik & Nuno, Street Art, Berlin, Germany

11 thoughts on “Berlin, Europe’s Street Art capital?

  1. I’m taking a second look at the street art you have shared so well. We’ve booked a Viking cruise this December that includes 2 nights in Berlin. Hopefully, our tour bus will pass by some of the marvels you’ve shared here.

    1. Oh, wow, that’s great. I hope you get to see some of them, quite a few are in central Berlin. In December, the Xmas markets should be open, I can recommend the ones in Gendarmenmarkt and at Schloss Charlottenburg. I feel nostalgic just thinking about it!

      1. You’ve helped me get to know Berlin. I’m going with a Biking tour so I’m not sure how much I will see. Whatever it is, it’s better than not going at all. You’ve brought it to life fir me.

        1. If you’re travelling on the river, you’ll likely pass beneath the Reichstag and through central Berlin. I’m sure it’ll be great … I just hope the weather plays ball.

  2. Incomparable. Viel dank. Brussels has good street art too. You do need to master your belgian comics though.
    Paris? Nothing like that. Except for a small area in the 13th, near metro nationale. Worth a stop. Ah! Butte aux cailles nearby. Not as spectacular.

  3. They’re just fantastic works of art. Street art in Brussels wasn’t a thing when I lived there (back in 2001) so I’m looking forward to seeing what you find there. But I can’t see how it can possibly compete with Berlin.

  4. Absolutely FANTASTIC! Wonderful post.

  5. I’ve heard about Berlin’s street art, but wow! The ones in your photos are very impressive. The level of finesse and details is above any other cities with murals that I’ve been to. I can imagine some of those you included in this blog post have sparked conversations and debates among Berliners, and that’s good.

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